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Wholesale office chairs for sale at Leyeahsoho

The cheap price of wholesale office chair you see is the price delivered ! FREE delivery to the UK mainland on order in 3-5 days. The price includes VAT and 15 days free trial.

  • Breathable Mesh Adjustable Headrest

  • Flexible Tilt Adjustment

  • Lumbar Health Protection

  • Flexibility Manual Armrests

  • High-Density Sponge Cushion

  • Breathable Mesh Backrest

  • Gently Low Noise Chair Wheel

  • Simple Modern Design

  • Up-down Adjustable

  • Adjustable Lumbar Support

  • Breathable Mesh Backrest

  • High-Density Sponge Cushion

  • Gently Low Noise Chair Wheel

  • S-Shape Ergonomic Design

  • Swing and 3-Gear Fixing

  • Adjustable Lumbar Support

  • Adjustable Headrest & Comfortable Cushion

  • Generous & contracted integrated design

  • Fabric, Plastic, Polyester

  • High density and high resilience native sponge

  • Middle-class butterfly chassis

  • 65.4 x 65 x 30 cm

  • Intelligent Ergonomic Design

  • Segmented Structure

  • Adjustable Tilt & Exclusive Mesh Cushion

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