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How to protect yourself during the 2020's Epidemic

At present, new types of coronaviruses are high, and people across the country are on the front line of fighting the virus. Due to the rapid spread of the new virus, many people have a very fearful attitude about it. 

 We can see that in our city, the number of infections is gradually increasing every day, and there are some panic emotions in the society, and at the same time, it puts more pressure on people's lives and work. 

 But we must know that we cannot ignore the virus, but we cannot be scared by it. Facing the new crown virus, we need to understand it, overcome it, take reasonable precautions, and stay away from it!

1. Disposable Face Masks

Surgical masks or N95 masks can be used to achieve protective effects. Ordinary N95 masks are very influential in breathing when you walk. Most people may not be able to adapt and will take off immediately. Such protection will be lost instead. The valve's N95 would be much better.

Surgical masks basically do not affect breathing during activities, and the protective effect is the same as N95 even in places where hospital patients are concentrated. The difference between the two prices is more than 10 times, so if you ca n’t buy the N95 with breathing valve, you do n’t need to buy it at all. Surgical masks are sufficient, but you must ensure that you wear them in public places until the last confirmed patient appears. It should also be worn all the time.

2. Protective Safety Goggle

Illness starts from the hand, which means that after touching the mucous membrane with the pathogen or virus on the hand, it is easy to be infected. The most susceptible mucous membranes are the ocular conjunctiva and nasal mucosa, that is, when we rub our eyes and pluck our noses, this habit must be changed.Because the lacrimal duct is connected to the nasal cavity, rubbing the eyes can also infect the respiratory system. Goggles will protect your eyes.

3. Clothing

The bus seat you've been in may be a patient's seat, and the folds of your clothes or hair will be stained with viral dust or aerosol particles. So when you come home after returning, wrap your clothes inward, tuck them into the washing machine, then take a hot bath yourself, wash your hair, and pack your luggage after you get out. Of course, pay attention to taking out what is useful in your pocket. To better protect yourself, you can choose protective clothing.

4. Disinfect your hands

Bring disposable hand sanitizer. The correct way to wash your hands is to check the video. It is a way to wash all 3 knuckles, fingertips, back of hands, wrists, and thumbs. If you have to pick your nose and rub your eyes, you must wash it before you start.Or bring a small bottle (within 100ml) of 80% alcohol that can be sprayed to disinfect the screens of hands and mobile phones. The outer shell of the coronavirus is soluble in alcohol. After spraying the screen or hands, let the alcohol naturally evaporate. Do not actively wipe, otherwise the virus The shell has not yet dissolved.

5. Self observation

Because this coronavirus pneumonia can skip the upper respiratory tract and settle directly on the alveoli, symptoms of nasal congestion and runny nose are rare. The main symptoms are concentrated in those manifested after impaired lung function, such as dry cough, fatigue, and fever. Weakness is very natural. When you have only 90% of the alveoli left at work, no matter what you do, you have to work harder to get enough oxygen to breathe. Can you be tired? If you find that you have a low fever (not more than 38 ℃), and you are under 50 years old, you have no other chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, and you are not pregnant. The key is that you have no obvious breathing difficulties. Then the situation is not so bad. At this time, you may start to doubt yourself It is a suspected case. Do not go to the hospital immediately.

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