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In order to better provide professional services for office life, we create a new brand : Leyeah which special for office furniture. Most people spend lot of their time in the office, but many people don't pay much attention to their office comfort. What is office comfort? Are you using the right chair,desk and the like, are you productive in the office, and are you just working?

We want to send people an "efficient, healthy and comfortable" office environment, because Work occupies most of the day and is essential, so why not feel happy at work?

Thousands of offices in one office model. Founder believes the office is not just a place to work, but a testament to the value of life. 

So we will all-round makes the resource integration as the core competitiveness of the 360 ° sales model, for each office space to embody the value of savings office supplies procurement of time and energy. 


At work, some people say, "how do you create an environment where people want to work, where they can do their jobs well?" This way, even the smallest details can make a big difference. "The perfect office environment will help you get the job done.

For a restless heart, for the ideal and live, we are willing to progress with all entrepreneurs. Highlight the achievement of business elite with excellent quality, and endow business space with unique style with luxury taste.


  • The wide application of ergonomics expands the design of office chair from two-dimensional to multi-dimensional, which means that the design of office chair is more about human anatomy and behavior psychology, rather than beauty and comfort. In particular, when data from different fields of scientific research replace the designer's emotional experience, the pattern of each chair becomes reasonable.

  • The ergonomic tilt system ensures the seat panel and back is in the most comfortable position. When sitting, they provide the most even support for the spine, pelvic bones, and leg muscles. After a long time of use, the real realization of a comfortable and healthy seat.

  • Comfortable memory pad, memory foam seat, and office chair back are wrapped with foam to ensure a comfortable and painless day. Thick cushioned headrest with adjustable Angle provides optimal neck support.

  • Truly realize the interaction between human and chair, beauty and comfort, and health.

  • Although our designs are comfortable, sitting for a long time will do harm to our body, we may stand up after sitting for an hour or two. But we are committed to creating "safe, healthy, comfortable and efficient" working and living conditions.

  • The combination of the geometric image of the modular design and the colorful wool, the integration of the design theme and the active space, brings vitality to the office.

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