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Any space that isn't cheered by a yellow chair, a green table or an orange cabinet? The place you work in has a major impact on your personal life. It’s important to stay fresh and inspired when you work in the office. An innovative working environment can boost your output and creativity.

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    Turtle Round Cylinder Ottoman

    The Turtle Series, inspired by minimalist modern architecture, deliberately deduces concise lines in modern architecture. Use hard and elegant tangents to form a group of simple and highly constructed stools....

    Starfish shell chair

    Inspired by the texture of the shell, the designer reflects this feeling of texture on Starfish series with the technique of embossing, which touches smooth and stereo. Starfish series is...

    Seashell shaped divider

    Seashell divider series is inspired from the culture of China ancient fan, which is an innovative concept for space dividers in the public area. The expression of concretization can directly share...

    Sailfish multi-function sofa

    Sailfish series is a multi-function sofa system. The system is so modular and perfected for multiple uses. Not only can modules be used on their own, but also combined and...

    Pebble Modular Sectional Sofa

    Pebble series consists four parts from a sofa: seat element, armrest element, back element and pouffe element, that you can combine them as you like to fit any space if...

    Ouiwork Womb Chair

    The upward curving element at sides serves the function of the armrest, which makes the design simple and polished. There are two models for Ouiwork, the first model is with...

    Ouiwork T table

    T table is inspired by Bauhaus's architectural concept.  Through the horizontal and vertical insertion of thick soft bags and thin plates, it achieves the organic combination of linear wood grains...

    Ouiwork square sugar shape sofa

    Square Sofa is a strict and fashionable sofa group. Designers use steel pipes of different sizes for matching design to form a balance between external rigor and internal absolute softness....

    Ouiwork laptop table

    The laptop table is equipped with two different specifications of the desktop. It is suitable for offices, leisure and public spaces, and it can be matched with different furniture such...

    Jellies archway sofa

    The design of Jellies series combines the elements of archway and pillar from architecture style, which are mixed into the modern office behavior, to serve a useful lounge seating series...

    Jellies Arch coffee table

    Inspired by the Arch, the designer designed the Jellies Side Table by remodelling the curve of the Arch. The inspiration of Jellies Arch table derives from the typical elements of...

    Dory tobacco pipe sofa

    The modeling inspiration of Dory pouf derives from the pipe. Its soft package and the processing way of patchwork makes this pipe’s color more changeable. Its cute shape closes the...

    Dolphin Square fudge sofa

    Inspired from jelly sweets, the shape of Dolphin is round, organic and elegant. Touched round and smooth, the shapes of back and armrests serve an excellent seating experience as well.With...

    Deb plank puzzle coffee table

    Deb plank coffee table absorbs the wisdom of the industrialized era, showing the designer's careful consideration of material utilization. Plank Coffee Table is made up of two plates which are...

    Coral High Back Sofa

    This Coral series is a modular system of sofa elements combining short and long elements, which meets different needs for different areas such as waiting, resting and meeting by combining...
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