Deb plank puzzle coffee table

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Deb plank coffee table absorbs the wisdom of the industrialized era, showing the designer's careful consideration of material utilization. Plank Coffee Table is made up of two plates which are inserted and matched with the countertop. The feet plates are divided into two parts, Yin-Yang. They bite each other to maximize the utilization ratio of the plates.
Deb plank coffee table is divided two series, four objects, Satisfied the needs of different sizes of the tea table. The square style is more stable and business. The round style is more leisure and lively, two series have both practicality and aesthetics.
Plank puzzle tea table composed of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) cutting spray paint split, with high strength, surface decoration, high stability, etc. The use of hidden hardware, let Plank makeup table design is guaranteed at the same time brings good and stable structure, tea table to maintain a stable deformation.

Plank puzzle dimension sense and design of the tea table with feeling, plus a variety of different specifications, make it can not only supplement into the leisure area, water area and other offices recreational area, also can be in CEO area, business area and so on in the workplace.


plank puzzle coffee table
plank puzzle coffee table
plank puzzle coffee table
plank puzzle coffee table
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