Jellies Arch coffee table

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Inspired by the Arch, the designer designed the Jellies Side Table by remodelling the curve of the Arch.
The inspiration of Jellies Arch table derives from the typical elements of roman architecture,the Arch. Designers combine organically the shape of the arch with the steel,which produce a strong structural sense by the collision between themselves. The Jellies Arch table looks beautiful and it can be used for storage. The arch of it forms a storing space, which is satisfied with people’s daily needs.
There is one model for Jellies, it can give user a plane to put sonething on, can also give books or magazines a place to be storage.
Use full plate bending a Jellies tea table base, plug-in welding structure, feeling good shape, less weld marks, etc. The dismantling of mesa structure with little damage to the original design feeling at the same time, reduce transportation costs and packaging costs, make Jellies Arch table a few real furniture you're worth it.
While a few are born with a Jellies nimble feeling and design feeling, this makes it not only can supplement into leisure area, water area and other offices recreational area, also can be in CEO area, business area and so on in the workplace.

Arch coffee table
Arch coffee table
Arch coffee table
Arch coffee table



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