Ergonomic mesh office chairs with headrest support

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TAGS Ergonomic office chair, Ergonomic lumbar support office chairs, Ergonomic mesh office chair.
Product Description Computer chair swivel chair, ergonomic design, waist pillow design, soft skin-friendly mesh, smooth and smooth surface, goodbye to indentation. The liftable swivel chair looks ordinary but contains many designers' minds and ergonomic design, which improves the sitting position and waist. The black cushion is placed in any office without any sense of disobedience, full of technology, and the mesh is breathable. The mesh has strong tensile strength, refreshing and breathable, and it is not easy to be stuffy for sedentary. The surface is fine and smooth, and the flexibility is good to say goodbye to the soft and comfortable indentation. The cushion is large and comfortable, the material is a raw sponge, and the high-density one-piece molding.
TAGS:ergonomic office chair,ergonomic lumbar support office chairs, ergonomic mesh office chair
Sponge High density and high resilience native sponge
Chassis Middle-class butterfly chassis
Gas rod SGS certified three-level black gas pressure bar
Handrail PP+ fiberglass back and armrests
Color Black
Material Fabric, Plastic, Polyester
Height/CM 64*33*61
Weight/KG 18 KG


Fitting the Head/Shoulders/Waist/Hands and Buttock

01. Ajustable Headrest

It can be adjusted according to the height of the individual to help reduce the pressure on the cervical spine.

02.Ergonomic Curve

Fits the back curve well, effectively supporting the back spine and relieving back pressure.


The material is selected fastidious, production is full of attentive.

Tilt Function and Lock Position Tilt Function and Lock Position

Pull the lever down and select an angle that makes you feel comfortable, then push the lever up to lock it. The adjustable angle is between 90-135 degress.

Certified Air Pressure Rod

300000 lifttimes with 5-8 years life used guarantee.

High Elasticity Knitted Fabric

Flexible knit fabric that allows air to circulate freely and keeps the back dry.

Ergonomic Curve

6 CM shaped sponge cushion, long time sitting without fatigue.

Elastc and Skin-friendy Material Tilt Function and Lock Position

Adopt skin-friendly and breathable fabric, comfortable without accumulate sweat.

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