Black Computer Desk Chairs Mesh Sponge

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Details of Black Computer Desk Chairs with Mesh Sponge

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Chair body The office chair is made of imported PP plastic outer frame and is integrally molded, environmentally friendly, anti-combustion, not brittle, making the whole chair back breathable, comfortable, safe and reliable. All imported fabrics are characterized by strong air permeability, strong elasticity, and non-combustion. High-density rebound cutting foam is used. This kind of sponge is made of high-quality chemical fiber. It has good air permeability, good resilience, large pulling force, long-term use without deformation, no aging, water washing and harmless to the human body.
Chassis Middle-class butterfly chassis
Gas rod SGS certified three-level black gas pressure bar, the back of the chair can be tilted back to better protect our waist.
Handrail PP plastic handrails, free height adjustment, easy to user, different user arms can be placed naturally and comfortably.
Color Black
Material Fabric, Plastic, Polyester
Height/CM 59.5*58.5*29
Weight/KG 11.5 KG


Fitting the Head/Shoulders/Waist/Hands and Buttocks

Hing rebound mesh pad, strong bearing, dispersal spinal pressure High hardness integration brakes, fit the back curve of the human body.

Double layer raw sponge core, soft and elastic, dispersing pressure on buttocks Non-slip surface mesh, comfortable and breathable, wear-resistant.

Multifunctional office chair

Adjust the height of the chair to fit your desk, and you will maintain a reasonable sitting position; the diamond-shaped armrest is perfect for your arm curve. The chair can be rotated and slid, making it easy to get around. Although our chairs are comfortable, sitting for a long time can hurt our body, but we may stand up after sitting for an hour or two.

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