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The origin and development of chairs

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The origin and development of chairs

The chair is one of the necessities in our life. We need to site down on the chair to eat our food, and we also need to site down on the chair to do our work. It was said that we need a chair and we can not live without the chair. When was the chair born? The earliest of the appear of the chair can be achieved in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Persian.

The chair as a seat with a back, from before to now, the chair becomes another kind of form slowly, we take many names to it, the office chair is one of them. Different for the wooden which we use in before and we use a sponge, mesh, nylon, steel at now, which mainly use in the office, because of this, it was the same as the computer chair and the staff chair.

The ergonomic chair is essential on the office chair, and the office chair only for satisfying the people sitting and the ergonomic chair is meeting the comfortable sitting for the chair, it is a qualitative leap in the history of seat development.

In the 1950s, many scholars conduct systematic scientific research on seat design and materials, relying on science and human health research to create a subject ergonomics, the ergonomic chair is essential to make the use of the tool as suitable as possible for the natural form of the human body. This can make the people who are using the device needn’t any active adaptation in their body and mind. That can relieve the tired of their own body when they are using the tool. That was the coming of the ergonomic chair.

In the 1980s and 1990s, that was the climax of the development of ergonomic chairs, the most comfortable chair in the world was the Aeron, which is researching and development at that time. Subsequently, the Japan brand named Contessa was studying and growth again. Nowadays, the ergonomic chair is accepting by more and more people.

The ergonomic chair has more features which compare with the office chair in the past, the office chair in the past only for the sitting. What are the main aspects of its comfort? In terms of structure, it is mainly reflected in the following five points:

1. The headrest.

Whether you could adjust to headrest is according the needing of the human, it included for the adjustable and the not flexible, the adjustable pillow could come true the adaptable of high, corn, and the front and back, to satisfy the different needing of the group and different working status.

2. A good seatback can fit the human spine, and it can evenly disperse your weight, and it can eliminate stress points and thermal focus, in the other side, the seat back could adjust the slope of the chair. Because of the body and the figure is different, so they need a different slope, and tilt adjustment is generally divided into manual fine adjustment and automatic intensity adjustment.

3. Lumbar support 

We have the adjustable and not adjustable lumbar support, and the best choice for everyone was the elastic and flexible lumbar support. Such lumbar support can make us perfect support for the lumbar spine whether we are writing at desk or relaxed.

4. Cushion 

Most of the pressure is focused on hips when people are sitting on the chair. To relieve the stress of the nerve, a blood vessel in their bones, the front end of a kind cushion is generally waterfall-shaped. The pillow is usually divided into sponge cushions and mesh cushions, both of which have advantages.

5. Armrest 

There is a simple way to judge whether the armrest is comfortable. See whether the armrest is connected to the seat back or the seat cushion. Only when the armrest is connected with the place again, the armrest can maintain the same angle with the back of the human body when leaning back, so that the arm can obtain comfortable support At the same time, it is also essential to adjust the front, again, left, right, up and down of the armrest.

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