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The best 9 office chair for overweight people

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The best 9 office chair for overweight people

The suggestion of choosing the ergonomic chair for over-weight people.The lower quality of the computer chair is the killer in the office, they are murdering you quietly. If you work with the computer over 10 hours every day, and no longer for several years, you will appear lumbago and your cervical vertebra will get different degrees of pain for you. There is no specific medicine for chronic diseases, it will not success if you want to through relax or using some kind of remedies to cure yourself. Especially the over-weight people, they should more attention to the choice of your computer chair.

Now we will introduce some Leyeah office chairs for the over-weight people.

The ingredient of the sponge of this style chair is the high density and high resilience native sponge, this chair is specifically designed for the over-weight people, it has the softy cushion composition and the sponge of the cushion have a good resilience, even the overweight person can feel the relative force of the sponge when sitting up, and the leather on the surface is soft and relaxed, which improve the user’s texture. Coupled with a sturdy chassis and support, it gives the user a sense of support while satisfying the user's comfort, the details of the contact surface of the armrest and the material of the seat cushion make the chair more textured, and the sponge of the backrest is thick enough, the user can also feel sufficient rebound resilience on the back of the chair to relax the muscles and nerves of the back, providing a relaxed and enjoyable use.

The cushion of the chair is made up of 45 density high rebound type cotton, the appearance of the chair is simple and stylish, and the lines on the side of the chair are smooth, increasing the inclusiveness of the back of the chair while also providing a support for the user's back, soft leather is more wear-resistant. This chair is more suitable for people who are overweight, can give users more comfort, and the whole chair is compatible with fashion and comfort.

The shaped of this chair like a petal and the cushion is made up of the 45 density high rebound type cotton, with the soft and comfortable fabric of sitting, by the design of the petal appearance. More inclusive from the side and back, the structure of the back of the chair and the armrest, in the visually this chair gives us a sense of comfort, when you sit into it that will as you sit in the middle of the flower.

The sponge of the whole chair is made up of the 20MM thick curved plate +45 density cutting cotton, the headrest and the back of the chair are connected which makes the whole chair looks very complete. The thickness of the chair is also very comfortable, and the leather on the outer layer looks very advanced. The support and wrapping of the chair are also very high, which can give the overweight user a sense of security and easily reach the high sense that the office person wants.

The sponge of the whole chair is made up of the 45 density high rebound type cotton, the high rebound cotton, the high-density rebound cotton, which can reduce the burden of sedentary for overweight people, and the headrest is also filled with this high-density elastic cotton, it makes it easier for overweight people leaning on the headrest and back to control the presence of the chair.

The component of the backrest chair is Iron frame-shaped cotton, the cushion is made up of the 45 density cutting cotton, the entire chair looks very large, and the thickness of the backrest and cushion looks more comfortable, the softness of the headrest is more suitable for the rest of the overweight people, and the comfort of the support is very high. The wooden board of the chair is made of 20MM thick double-layer curved plate, and the double-layered board is more stable .

The seatback is made up of the Iron frame-shaped cotton, the blue color is stylish, use this chair can add a touch of mysterious color to the company, the chair has the soft leather, the design of the armrest makes the whole chair more spacious, it can provides a free space for the thighs, and the sturdy bracket allows the overweight people to move the chair freely, increasing freedom and security.

This heavy duty chairs for overweight people, its handrail made up of the contact surface leather high rebound type sponge, the space of the entire chair looks very good, the design without a headrest, that allows the back to stretch more freely without a sense of restraint, the user can get a higher degree of freedom through sitting on this chair. The 65 plating gas rod can provide an air cushion to the overweight people when they sit down.

The handrail of this chair made up of the contact surface leather high rebound type sponge. Like the chairs we use for overweight people, the load-bearing capacity of this chair is also one of the highlights of the chair, and the chair is more inclusive, the headrest, back and cushion sponges are soft enough, which can give enough weight to the overweight crowd, and the chair is also large enough for the overweight people.

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