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Office sedentary? You just need is a comfortable chair

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Office sedentary? You just need is a comfortable chair

https://gem-3910432.netAs It is a necessities of life everywhere, do you really know what kind of chair is actually comfortable? As early as the 20th century, many scholars systematically studied the design and materials of seats, and created an ergonomics based on scientific and human health research. The essence of ergonomics is to make the tool fits the human body's natural form as much as possible, so that the user's body and spirit do not need any active adaptation, so as to minimize the fatigue caused by the use of tools,therefor the ergonomic chair come from this.

In the 1980s and 1990s, it was the climax of the development of ergonomic chairs. It was hailed as “The most comfortable seat in the world”, the Herman Miller Aeroon ergonomic chair was developed during this period. Following the development of the information age, more and more ergonomic chairs were developed and widely sought after.

Compared with ordinary seats, ergonomic chairs are perfect for the design of the headrest, the backrest, the waist support, the cushions, the armrests, etc., to make your life smoother and completed.

The simple and unconventional style, the fashionable and fresh color of the materials, and the sophisticated craftsmanship make this chair full of urban atmosphere. High-molecular nylon back frame, 60 high-density shaped sponge, three-proof (anti-fouling, waterproof, oil-proof) wear-resistant mesh, make your work more convenient, and life more fun.

Adjustable Lifting lumbar pillow, the function of the back tilting, and the design of the back armrest make the office as comfortable as a trip. 120,000 seat back tests, 100,000 impact tests, 98,000 seat wheel slip tests, no wonder it is reliable and trustworthy.

Leyeahsoho ergonomic chair V1 modern technology and big data analysis introduced product design, is the symbol of ergonomics entering the 2.0 era. Designed on the basis of bionics, the backrest has a curve that conforms to the human spine,and the natural curvature of the spine of the human body, it fits more closely with the human body to help release the spinal pressure.

At the same time, each health chair is equipped with a humanized cushion, which can achieve self-adjustment, so that the user's lumbar vertebrae can be effectively supported, thereby relieving the pressure of dispersing the lumbar vertebrae and protecting the health of the body. Even if you need to sit for a long time, with Leyeahsoho, say goodbye to the backache of work .

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