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Office chair installation and disassembly guide

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Office chair installation and disassembly guide

The continuous development of technology makes most people have to sit and study or work for a long time every day. Office chairs are also widely used in people's work and study and production places. The chairs we use will inevitably cause problems or problems when we need them. Demolition when moving, so we need to have a specific understanding of the office chair, this guide will introduce the basic knowledge of how to dismantle and dismantle the office chair. After all, the skills are not overwhelming.

To assemble and disassemble an office chair, we must first understand which parts the chair is made of. The office chair most people currently use is chair legs, casters, chassis, seat, air pole, back, armrest, head Pillows and other parts may seem a bit too much at first glance, but the actual assembly and disassembly are not complicated as long as we master the steps.

How to install office chair?

After understanding the various parts of the office chair, we can start to assemble. The installation method is recommended to install from bottom to top, starting with casters.

1. First, install the casters one by one to the chair feet. After installing the chair feet, place the air pressure rod vertically into the centre of the chair feet;

2. We fixed the chassis to the seat with screws;

3. After the seat is installed, we will link the seatback to the position, so that the upper body of the chair is finished. Next, we insert the base vertically on the air pressure rod;

4. At last, we finished installing the armrest and headrest.

How to disassemble an office chair?

Compared with the installation of office chairs, the disassembly of the chair can be more difficult, because the prolonged use of the gas rod and the foot of the chair will starve and die. It is also recommended here that you should not disassemble it if it is not particularly necessary. Pay attention to safety when removing.

As for the other parts of the chair, you can loosen the screws according to the order of installation. The two places that are more difficult to remove are the disassembly of the seat and the air lever, and the other area is the separation of the air pressure lever and the chair foot.

To remove the base, we first separate the back of the chair, then raise the air pressure stick to the highest level, grab the seat cushion with one hand, press the lifting paddle with one hand, shake it a few times to remove it.

After disassembling the air pressure rod, after we separated the base and the air pressure rod, we can remove the air pressure rod. We put the chair feet upside down, and it is best to smash it out with a rubber hammer. If there is no rubber hammer, use a wooden board to pad it.

The above is the installation and removal method of the office chair, I hope to help everyone.

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