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4 Tips : Is ergonomic chair worth buying?

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4 Tips : Is ergonomic chair worth buying?

In recent years, Herman Miller, Okamura, Leyeahsoho...The ergonomic chair brands at home and abroad gradually come into the people's vision. Some company from the major Internet also replace the ergonomic chair for employees, some of them would use ergonomic chairs as a point of interest to attract talents for recruitment. 

As if ergonomic chair become a standard configuration for working people overnight, and appeared in major news media and advertising too. Which is well known to the majority of office workers.

Part 1. Why is the ergonomic chair so hot?

The development of the Internet has made our work and life inseparable from computers, and sitting in front of the computer for 8 hours a day.

It is the daily routine of many office workers. The long-term sedentary injury to the body is from head to toe.

In recent years, with the deepening concept of healthy office, growing office workers are concerned about the health of their workplace.

With further driving consumption upgrades, plus domestic consumers’ awareness of ergonomic products and consumption habits, the market demand for products that are customarily developed and combined with ergonomic principles is constantly improving.

Part 2. Is the ergonomic chair reliable?

I believe that people who are often sitting in the office would deeply understand that if they sit in an ordinary chair for a long time every day, suffering backache and affecting their work efficiency. For those who need inspiration and creativity, uncomfortable office conditions can interrupt their creation.

According to research data we are often disturbed by people or things at work, communication between colleagues, external noise, seat comfort, etc., all of which are affecting our focus, while an employee converting, usually it takes 8 minutes to work, settle and put in focus again. Focusing on this fast-paced, high-efficiency era is especially important.

However, some unscrupulous manufacturers have appeared in the market, and they are bragging about their ergonomic chairs. They claim that worker wouldn’t be tired, their chair can correct their sitting postures, and they can't wait to cure all diseases. 

The ergonomic chair only uses the scientific and human health research methods to make the seat design. And the material can best adapt to the human body shape, thus reducing the fatigue caused by the bad sitting posture. The ergonomic chair can only relieve the pressure of our sedentary spine. If you want to have a healthy body, you need to exercise more and control the sedentary time, while often Stand up and walk.

Part 3. How to choose an ergonomic chair?

Security. No matter what you buy, put security in the first place. In the past few years, the gas bombing incident has caused many people to talk about the color change of the chair. Therefore, when buying a chair, we must pay attention to check whether the gas rod has passed the inspection.

Comfort. Buying a work chair is for a good sitting experience after all, when buying a chair, it is better to try to sit and see if it is right for you.

Adjustment function. Many people who have purchased ergonomic chairs have this feeling when sitting for a long time, uncomfortable feeling coming by. If sitting on the back of the chair, one will feel that they can't work. The lumbar support of all the chairs can be adjusted. The headrest can be adjusted to become a problem that many people value.

The material of the chair. The computer chair is classified according to the material, and is mainly divided into a net chair, a leather chair and a cloth chair. When we buying one we should choose according to our actual situation. For example, the weather is hot for some region, so many would like net chairs. The leather chair has a more business sense, more suitable for business office. And the cloth chair has more colors, it is loved by white-collar people who like the warmth and petty bourgeoisie.

Part 4. What brand of ergonomic chair would be a good choice?

Leyeahsoho ergonomic chair industry leader in the industry, rooted in the field of ergonomic intelligent furniture for many years, advocates the concept of ergonomic health office, interprets the high quality of life, has been recognized by the majority of consumers.

Leyeahsoho knows that although there are many ergonomic chair brands in our field of vision, there are dozens for the publicity to choose, but in addition to a comfortable ergonomic chair, it is worthy to improve ones’ workplace health awareness, because even if you have a long sitting for a long time and a good chair, it still might bring us a hidden danger of spinal disease.

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