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How to improve the office's low back pain

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How to improve the office's low back pain

Are you still suffering from back pain? Maybe you should change the new office chair!

Most adults have experienced backaches and pains at ones or more times, sitting with a long time without moving, you will feel back pain if you stand up. As for the long-time worker, back pain is a normal phenomenon for them, many people even suffering from the lumbar disc herniation.

Leyeahsoho reminds you that the lumbar disc herniation has to do with the bad habit of sitting for a long time and the wrong sitting position and even have to do with sitting on the wrong chairs and uncomfortable mattress. These are the reasons for the disease.

If you are suffering from the back pain, the lumbar disc herniation, what should you nurse yourself that can relieve your pain or avoid the diseases?

The two mainly aetiologies of lumbar disc herniation is sitting for a long time and do less sport.

There are half of the patients in orthopedic clinics have spinal diseases, and about 80% of the patient's problems are concentrated in the lumbar spine and cervical spine. The lumbar disc herniation is one of the most common diseases of the clinics.

With the rapid pace of life and the less rest time, especially the people who sitting for a long time and watching the computer for a long time, they are more easy to suffer from the lumbar disc herniation. 

Besides, with the change of lifestyle, the people who usually face the computer to finish their work or play computer games, and the people who usually handle their IPAD lying on the sofa to play several hours, are the reserves of the lumbar disc herniation.

The salient feature of the people who are easy to suffer the lumbar disc herniation is doing fewer sports. Many diseases are having fewer sports at their normal time. That makes their muscles are not strong enough to support the lumbar spine. And on the other side, sitting for a long time and sitting with the wrong position easy cause the deformity of the spinal.

Which kind of situation means that you are suffering the lumbar disc herniation?

1. If you sitting for an hour, that you will appear the back pain.

2. If you walking for an hour, that you will appear the back pain and have to have a rest.

3. The back pain is influencing your sleep, make it difficult to fall asleep.

4. Every time you have pain, you need a painkiller.

5. Self - treatment of health care,1 month still did not improve the condition.

How to maintain lumbar health daily?

The lumbar disc herniation is closely related to the details of daily life, the bad habit for the long-term is more easy to deterioration of the disease. To improve the lumbar disc herniation you should start with daily life.

Do not choose the chair which can move the back of the chair.

Most of the office chairs are bad for patients with herniated discs. Such as the chair which has the stretch of the back and the chair which can pressure its back. Although it was comfortable when you lay on the chair, if you sitting for a straight, it will haven’t the support for the waist. It was the wrong position for that you type on your keyboard by lean on your chair back .

Choose the right ergonomic chair that fits you

You should work a repeat hard work, the waist, and the neck haven’t the effective support, it is not only will you feel tired and sore, but you will also be vulnerable to irreversible damage to your musculoskeletal makeup. A good chair must have good support for the body, keep the right sitting position, and having the relax state, protect the health of the spinal, the first choice is the ergonomic chair.

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