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How to clean an office chair

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How to clean an office chair

Now more and more people loved to buy an office chair to put on their own home because they have a lot of work to finish after work every day. And work at home was more comfortable than work at their office, that is because the atmosphere in the office is more serious than their home.

It was comfortable if you buy a formal office chair, but the problem was that after the longer time you use your office chair, many people didn’t know how to clean their chair. According this question Leyeah combine the life experience to sum up some way that telling you how to clean your office chair.

For the report of the market, the computer chair in the market was classified by the material. It was mainly classified by mesh and leather these two materials. And another one is the fabric computer chair which is the new popular chair recently. Because of the different materials, the methods of the cleaning and maintenance are different.

How to clean the mesh computer chair?

The main popular chair is the ergonomic chair, it was used to protect the comfort and health of the human body in all aspects, and it was mainly the mesh computer chair. Besides the function of the ergonomic chair, the most direct is that the mesh computer chair is more breathable than the leather computer chair, which is more comfortable for the sedentary people and the boss. So the mesh computer chair is very common in the office.

In terms of maintenance, pay attention that you shouldn’t put the cutting and the burin which most easy to scratch the mesh, and you can add a dust jacket to the chair, it can make the chair more cleaning.

When you cleaning the chair, it was not easy to clean the cushion, the cushion of the high-end computer chair was used the pure mesh cushion, it hasn’t the sponge but this kind of chair is easy to clean. Most of the family and office mainly use the sponge cushion, so we will talk about the cleaning of the chair with the sponge cushion.

The first method was that if you don’t have the vacuum cleaner, you can use the feather duster to clean the dust first. Then you can invert some detergent into the water, then put the rag in the water and screw it dry. Using the rag to wipe several times the chair, and use the soft brush to clean the chair, then put the cushion into air-dried. If you want the cushion dry at a quick speed, you can also consider using the hairdryer but it was not very well to get it too long to blow.

The second method is using the vacuum cleaner, it is best to have a high-temperature cleaner.

1. Cleaning the dust first, you can use the vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dust, it can adsorb the dust particles as a whole.

2. Dilute the detergent, or inject it into the water tank, then spray the cleaner thoroughly on the computer chair.

3. Let the cleaner stay on the computer chair for a while, and make the stains get rid of the fiber.

4. Rinse with a high-temperature cleaner and then dry it with a dryer. If you don't have these appliances, you can use a soft brush to gently scrub and air dry.

In these methods, it was fitted to the general family, but the professional cleaning company they have more professional equipment.

How about cleaning the leather computer chair?

We have the leather chair and artificial leather chair these two kinds of chairs, and if you use the leather chair you can custom made the chair cover and it can play a protective role.

The first method of cleaning method is the easy way.

This kind of computer chair, it should pay enough attention to the dust-proof of the cushion, if you have time you can take daily care for cushions, backrests, and armrests, and it can be wiped with a moist towel. For more stubborn stains, it can be cleaned with some detergents with low pHs, such as detergents for daily use. This is a simple way to care.

The second method was that clean the leather chair when you have professional equipment.

Compared with the high-end leather boss chair, if you have the conditions and professional equipment, you can use the special steam engine for cleaning the computer chair and the special cleaning agent. Before the operation, you can do a test in the inconspicuous area to test if the leather is fading. If it is faded, you must use other methods. After cleaning, you should give the computer chair a protective liquid to prevent the dirt from penetrating the pores of the cortex again. 

How to clean the cloth computer chair?

The cloth computer chair is the newly popular fashion chair. It has a comfortable touch, and with a warm and small sense of capital which is loved by white-collar women. The cleaning of the cloth computer is basically the same as cleaning the mesh computer chair, but the materials of the cloth computer chair are different from the mesh computer chair, clean the cloth computer chair is difficult than clean the mesh computer chair, it is the best way that you put the chair cover.

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