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Seven tips to choose a children's study table and learning chair

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Seven tips to choose a children's study table and learning chair

In recent years, the phenomenon of hump myopia among young people has gradually become younger and younger, and more and more parents have begun to pay attention to their children's growth and health. Choosing a set of children's study tables and chairs for children has become the key to solving the problem. But then the question also came. Is there an IQ tax for children's learning tables and chairs? Do children's study tables and chairs help children?

We know that the height of ordinary desks and chairs is fixed, and the desktop is also horizontal, and the angle cannot be adjusted. Office workers who have experienced working and sitting for a long time know that adults cannot maintain a correct sitting posture for a long time when they are sitting at work for a long time. Stop talking about children. And as the child's body continues to grow, ordinary desks cannot meet the needs. Choosing an adjustable learning table and chair will not only help the child develop a correct sitting position when reading, writing, and drawing, but also give the child a good posture. The learning environment can also cultivate the child's habits of storage. If the family's economic conditions allow, it can still buy a set of learning tables and chairs for your child.

So what should you pay attention to when choosing children's study tables and chairs?

Tip 1. Safety and environmental protection. Check the details page or consult customer service to confirm the test certificate, or ask customer service products when purchasing learning tables and chairs. Whether the product explicitly implements the national mandatory standards for children's furniture.

Tip 2. Lifting methods of tables and chairs. At present, the main lifting methods of learning tables and chairs on the market are manual, hydraulic, and pneumatic. Manual lifting is the most traditional lifting method, which is also the safest and stable. Pneumatic and hydraulic lifting are higher, but in terms of current production processes, these lifting methods are guaranteed, you can choose according to your needs.

Tip 3. Desktop shape. The mainstream desktop board shapes are divided into straight, L-shaped and concave. As far as the habit is concerned, it is better to choose the L-shape. For one, it is more convenient for parents to accompany the reading. The other, it is more convenient to place some water glasses and toys than the one-line shape.

Tip 4. Study table and chair size. Some people may have a small apartment size. At this time, it should first measure whether the size of the intended location is sufficient. Otherwise, it is okay to put it down when you buy it. At present, the most common size in the market is about one meter.

Tip 5. The adjusting the angle of the desktop. The angle adjustment of the desk of the study table is also very important. Different angles can meet the needs of children in different learning states, such as writing, drawing, and reading.

Tip 6. The Desktop can be wiped. It is quite important. Children like to paint and paint. If you want to use it for a long time, anti-fouling is still necessary. After a long time, it will be uncomfortable to see the colorful paintings drawn by children on the table with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Always, it is recommended to consult customer service before buying, and some pens cannot be erased.

Tip 7. The function of learning chair. The chair is also very important for the child's sitting position. In addition to the basic lifting function, the backrest should preferably give the child strong support for the waist and help the child develop a correct sitting habit. Besides, children are generally more naughty. For the study chair, we must pay special attention to whether it is easy to roll over and whether the edge of the chair has sharp parts.

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