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Choose a comfortable office chair and enjoy a healthy office life

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Choose a comfortable office chair and enjoy a healthy office life

As modern urban life is getting faster, most young people go to work every day, as long as they sit in front of the computer, they seldom move out their desks , 2-3 hours of sedentary has became a habit. The harm caused by prolonged sedentary is from head to toe.

In addition to prolonged sedentary, there is a height mismatch between the office chair and the desk. The design of the office chair is not ergonomic, which is very easy to cause damage to the eyes and joints. People who need to sit for a long time often need to work, for this reason, it is still necessary to choose a suitable office chair.

Traditional office space has no way to meet people's needs, so the use of convenient, personalized development, attention to humanized ergonomic office chairs is becoming more and more popular. It is not enough to have a chair with no function and the chair must be designed to be humanized on the basis of rationality, so that the body of the office will freed from the backache. Then, what conditions should a suitable office chair have?

Adjustable function 

A good office chair should not be sitting comfortably, but should have a higher degree of freedom in both the vertical and horizontal directions, that is the adjustable amplitude relatively large. Because each person's height is different, the matching table height is the same. So when choosing an office chair, it is best to choose an adjustable office chair. The adjustable functions are mainly reflected in the height of the chair, the armrest and the back of the chair.

Height adjustment

If you use it for yourself, it is best to choose an office chair that can be lifted and lowered. Generally, it is lifted by a gas rod. Thus the quality of the gas rod is vital, and it must have safety certification. The height adjustment of the chair is based on the working height of the desk, and the height of the office chair is adjusted. The result of the adjustment is preferably that the elbow is just on the table when the body is straight, and the feet are easily placed on the plane when sitting, and the thighs are heeled. It is best to maintain the angle of the small feet at around 90 degrees.

Adjustment of the lumbar support

At present, most ergonomic office chairs have a lumbar support. The lumbar support is adjustable and non-adjustable. However, it is best to choose a flexible and adjustable lumbar support. This kind of lumbar support allows us to Writing at the desk, or relaxed state can play a perfect supporting role for the lumbar vertebrae; the adjustability of the lumbar support position is mainly used by people of different sizes and different physiques, and can meet the requirements of different people for office chairs.

Handrail adjustment

In the long-term staying in the office, we need to adjust different postures to relieve the pressure of maintaining a posture for a long time. The adjustment of the handrail can relieve the pressure of the shoulders, support the strength of the upper limbs, and reduce the burden on the intervertebral disc. When adjusting the proper height of the armrest, it is best to let the shoulders relax when the forearm is laid flat.

Chairs’ comfort

A good chair is of course comfortable to sit up, and the comfort of sitting varies from person to person. The experience of high and low fat and comfortable seat is completely different, so it is recommended to personally seat the chair when choosing an office chair. Basically, you should sit comfortably. There are two main points. One is the comfort of the cushion and the other is the comfort of the backrest.


When we use the office chair, most of the pressure is concentrated on the buttocks, and some of the pressure is carried by the thigh. In order to reduce the pressure on the hips and blood vessels during compression, the cushion must conform to the curve of the human buttocks and thighs. The department must have a slope from the front to the back, and the distance should also have an appropriate height.

The current cushion material is mainly divided into mesh cloth, mesh cotton and PU. Different materials have different characteristics. If the cushion to flat or too hard cushion will damage the spine, while the too soft and too thick sponge will affect the legs’ blood circulation. A softer, breathable cushion will be a good choice.


The back of the chair is one of the most important places in the office chair. First, the back of the chair must be attached to the human spine to evenly distribute the weight of the body, relieve the pressure on the waist, and eliminate pressure points and heat accumulation. Followed by the back adjustment of the back of the chair, most people take a lunch break at the office, while the back function let us take a rest relaxed.

The back of the person cannot be straight, so the correct sitting posture should be curved. The backrest is the strength of the S-shaped support for the waist, which is consistent with the entire lumbar spine, so that sedentary will not be very tired. The waist of the backrest should be supported, and it should be elastic and hard, and the office chair with adjustable backrest angle is ideal.

Leyeahsoho ergonomic chair with a big data analysis introduced product design, is the symbol of ergonomics entering the 2.0 era. Designed on the basis of bionics, the backrest has a curve that conforms to the human spine,and the natural curvature of the spine of the human body, it fits more closely with the human body to help release the spinal pressure.

At the same time, each health chair is equipped with a humanized cushion, which can achieve self-adjustment, so that the user's lumbar vertebrae can be effectively supported, thereby relieving the pressure of dispersing the lumbar vertebrae and protecting the health of the body. Even if you need to sit for a long time, with Leyeahsoho, say goodbye to the backache of work . 

 The three-dimensional keel bracket, saddle cushion, 4D armrest, two-dimensional pillow, 120° reclining... make the entire Leyeahsoho ergonomic chair full of fashion, blending with the modern interior style. The overall S-shaped shape is both ergonomic and perfectly for both rigidity and softness. In addition, the use of the dragon screen as the back material makes the whole chair visually lighter and more breathable, making the user feel more comfortable. 

 Leyeahsoho continuously improves the product R&D and manufacturing system from various dimensions such as creativity, technology, products, control and standards. It realizes the perfect experience of users through series of technological innovations such as human body sitting big data and fine research, and lays a product for the sustainable development of Leyeahsoho brand’s basis.

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