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How to buy a good chair in Black Friday

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How to buy a good chair in Black Friday

Since humans began to walk upright, they were starting to explore the chair. From the beginning of walking with the foot to the high chair with backrest at present, and finally to the modern chair with a wide variety of chairs, how should we choose a chair that suits ourselves?

The beneficial effect of the chair on the body is mainly reflected in whether the design meets the ergonomics, that is, whether it can fit the spine curve in the natural state. The normal state of the spine is a natural S-shape, but under the different sitting postures, the spine will be subjected to different pressures, which will cause the perfect S-type to be destroyed under the action of pressure. If it is oppressed for a long time, it may cause back pain, and even serious irreversible spinal deformity will seriously affect work and life.

Therefore, when you are selecting a chair, it is necessary to ensure that the seatback of the chair, the lumbar support, and the seat satisfy the natural spine shape during the use of the chair, and can be adjusted as the human body moves, ensuring that the spine is always supported. Nowadays many chairs are adjustable, but mechanical manual adjustment is not enough. Leyeah ergonomic chair features a seat back for simultaneous and an optimal system that can support the trajectory of the spine. Minimize your waist fatigue and keep you in a comfortable work-study environment that is not bothered by your backache.

When the ergonomic design is completed, the designers need to consider the material of the chairs. For a chair the material whether good enough and how to use the material was decided the comfortable of the chair, the thickness of the chair seat, the material of the chair back and the safety of the chassis of the chair was considered. Among them, the thickness of the seat is designed by adjusting the thickness and hardness of the foam through the body pressure distribution meter and adjusting the left and right ratio. Therefore, when we choose a chair, in addition to whether the material on the back of the seat is ventilated and stretchable, the thickness of the seat needs to be investigated. It is not only important for the softy and comfortable but also the thickness and the supported.

And in this side, Leyeah chair named Ouiwork contemporary ergo office chair with Chair Headrest also considered it , it was using the mesh fabric, both with the flexible and breathable, which can help the blood circulation in your body, and it also has a dispersive shape similar to the back of the chair, which distributes the weight evenly, making you more comfortable and focused.

Not only that, in this Black Friday, Leyeah has the more good chairs are waiting for you, too. There was the best way to open the Leyeah Black Friday, the price of the chair has reduction. Give you the biggest price discount for the whole year, and give you a happy purchase experience.

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