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Advantages&Disadvantages of Leyeahsoho Chair

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Advantages&Disadvantages of Leyeahsoho Chair

The brand Leyeah has become familiar to the market,as it has sold more than 2,000 chairs on amazon. Many consumers have been impressed by its exquisite workmanship, excellent design and strict material plus packaging. So for the consumer who choose Leyeah office chair for the first time, perhaps not know which one just suits them. This article invites the manager of Leyeah to introduce the four types of chairs with the highest sales volume in detail for everyone, let us understand the advantages and disadvantages of these products.


This is a very classic chair, its sales time is the longest, has been the trusted by the consumer who pursuit of high quality.


1. This chair is ergonomically designed and has a moderate price rather than a high price. The design of artificial engineering makes its appearance very fluent, can fit the curve of human body very well. For example, the s-shaped curve of the waist can support the spine of the waist so as to reduce the pressure. The head rest also perfectly fits the curve of the cervical vertebra, reducing cervical pain for more office workers and allowing them in the chair to focus more on their work. 

2. Unique knitted fabric, full of elasticity. Such fabrics can let air circulate inside the chair without accumulating sweat, eliminate sultry office posture. At the same time the elasticity of knitted fabrics can let the person who depends on the chair get the back of a chair that is more bouncy instead of hard, can let work when move slightly so more secure and comfortable. 

3. The cushion with high elasticity adopts the exclusive high elasticity sponge, which has rebound effect and can relieve the pressure on the hips. 

4, Swing back design, so that people can get relaxed in the tense work. 90-120 degrees can be fixed, thus the Angle design also suitable for more rest posture, such as lunch break, work, leisure and so on. 

Disadvantages:The installation of this chair usually takes about 15 minutes, but unfamiliar people may need a little more time.


Advantages:It is very classic design likewise, also be a chair with very big sale. It has the support of the waist and the cushion with high elasticity, can provide the basic ergonomic support, at the same time the price is very favorable, it is a chair that many companies choose to purchase. 

Disadvantages:This chair does not have a neck support design, and customers who require neck support may find it inappropriate.


Advantages:The design of this chair is very grand. It's ergonomic and has the same benefits as the first one, but with wider space to sit on and a rocking design to feel more comfortable as you can use different angles from 90 to 120 degrees. If the consumer likes to have more space on the chair, as well as look more atmospheric style, this is definitely the best choice. 

Disadvantages:Since the size is a little larger, more office space is needed to match it.



1. This chair is a choice for consumers who pursue perfection and buyers who pursue beauty. It adopts the aesthetic curve of Fibonacci and combines the ergonomic design, so that the chair has not only a comfortable use sense, but also a fashionable appearance. Each plate of this chair has a perfect Fibonacci curve, which can be combined with the office space to create a more modern office space. 

2. The unique back separation design is also a distinctive highlight. Such a design can perfectly accept the pressure of the waist and release the pressure effectively. 

3. Unique fabric with fashionable pattern design, low profile light, high elasticity and not easy to damage. Such fabrics can let the person that lie on the chair won't feel sultry in summer, and won't feel cold in winter. 

4, more details also let a person feel luxurious enjoyment, such as the cool design of the back, silent wheels and quality air rod, high elastic sponge cushion... 

Disadvantages:It's Leyeah's most expensive chair and a bit pricey.After reading the characteristic of 4 kinds of Leyeahsoho’s chair patiently everyone would sure which is most suitable for themseves. A good chair is the beginning of a comfortable office life,pick up the right one on Leyeahsoho for youself today!

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