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4 palns how to decorate your office

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4 palns how to decorate your office

You want to give a surprise to your boss’s or your colleague’s birthday, how to decorate the office? Let us tell you how to dress up your office.

The first office decoration plan tips:

You should have a preliminary plan for the basic renovation plan before you planning the theme of the decoration. Also have a general concept of the overall layout, design, and the color matching of the office. You also should learn more about the main uses of the office and the design ideas of the owners, then the decoration company can better plan the decoration plan.

The second office decoration plan tips:

If you want to create a workplace with warm and natural, and you should choose the right color, the better matching colors are light yellow, beige, pure white, etc..

If the main staff of the office is mainly the young girls, you can design a faint red, tender purple, make them work in a romantic and beautiful atmosphere, and help to improve work efficiency. If the main staff were the IT elite, then you can choose the cool color collocation of white and black, which can highlight the agile feeling of the elite more. 

But we thought we work in busy status, and the pressure is great every day. So it is necessary to create a relaxed work atmosphere the warm color is more attractive than others, and if the nerves are too tight and the work efficiency will be difficult to improve.

The third office decoration plan tips:

For the easy styling in the general, when at the time of the renovation of a simple office, they will design a small screen at the entrance, bypassing the screen is the work area, which can separate the work area from the outside and also make the office more hierarchical.

If the office is in the style of relaxing, you can try to use the strong contrasting, undulating lines on the wall, dilute the cold and hard atmosphere, make the office full of rhythm, and enhance the vitality of the cold and hard building.

The fourth office decoration plan tips:

Flexible increase of small compartments if the office area is large, you can set up a grid of compartments, so that everyone has some privacy. If your office has good welfare conditions, you can also set up a small pantry. After work, you can use a cup of coffee and a cup of tea to help relieve fatigue.

These are some tips on office renovation solutions. Totally of that, the easy, fashion, practical is the main trend of the modern office renovation, the purpose was that create the more relax and nature quite and comfortable work atmosphere.

The color matching of the office furniture

When you are buying office furniture, should not only pay attention to practicality but the price, color matching is also very important, different grades have different industries, and there are different styles in the choice of color of office furniture. For example, when choosing furniture for the boss, it is necessary to pay attention to the overall style and grade. The common colors are dark, gray, brown and dark red. These colors will be stable and luxurious, and suitable for the boss’s identity. Next, Leyeah will give a more detailed introduction to the color and other issues.

About how to match the color, now I should introduce to you that black, gray, brown, dark red, and plain blue is the main color of modern office furniture. Usually different kinds of gray use in the office desk, the black and brown often use in the boss chair and the meeting room desks and chairs.

The plain blue and the dark red most use to color the office chair. Because the blue is elegant but not lost sprightly; the red color is solemn but not lost the liveliness. 

The black and brown have always given people a sense of dignity, use them to decorate the conference room, which will prompt you to concentrate on thinking. Generally speaking, the color of the office should be configured according to the principle of "big jump, small harmony". The meaning of the big jump was that the change of the color between the offices. For example that you have three offices, but you can choose 3 styles of the office that in different main tone, but the windows, desks, chairs and the floor or even the bright office files and trivial office supplies in each office, that must maintain their overall harmony, which is the principle of small harmony. In this way, despite the limited scope of your work activities, you will feel refreshed every time you go. 

In the office, each color has its own langue, they will convey a certain psychological message to your colleagues and customers. For example, the black gives the lonely to the people, and it also has a noble and solemn, brown makes people feel old-fashioned, but different concentrations of brown not only have no old darkness but also produce a bit of elegance. 

The undue red and pink are too arrogant, and if it is in harmony with the quiet cool color, it can show young and lively; the white and earth yellow is too pure, if you hold hands with happy warm colors, it is easy to reveal your own elegance. Further, the light purple with sky blue gives a feeling of calmness; Magenta with sapphire blue makes people feel bright; Purple with moon white look more elegant.

The pink with white can convey the youthful breath; Dark brown with light yellow can make you look more mature; Light gray with black ink looks solemn; the red with black can attract the other person’s sight; the dark green with earthy yellow is more nature; The sea blue with light blue makes people feel solid; As for the bright yellow with black ink, you can give people the beauty feeling of jumping.

Overall, you should learn to create your own color in the limited space, this is the imported in the office color matching, when you choose the color for the superior, you should pay attention to the needy of your superior, and their individuality, you should pay attention to the vision of the office furniture and should highlight the features of the office furniture.

The above is the relevant knowledge about "the method of selecting high-quality office furniture and color matching and the decoration skills of creating a modern and fashionable office environment", we hope that we can help you better understand the importance of office furniture and office environment to the company. I hope that we will make more serious choices and builds, and enhance our corporate image and employee sense of belonging.

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