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4 bad habits that hurt the spine

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4 bad habits that hurt the spine

Injury to the spine has become a true portrayal of many office workers. In recent years, the proportion of white-collar workers who have been sedentary at work for a long time has a significant increase in lumbar disc herniation. White-collar workers, bank staff, drivers, and programmers are more likely to get sick. They have been searching for a cure for cervical spondylosis, and even went to the hospital for traction treatment.

1. Incorrect office sitting posture

Most people in the office are shrugging their shoulders, including their chests and leaning forward. Although they can maintain a good sitting posture at the beginning, they cannot maintain a correct sitting posture for a long time, which greatly increases the burden on the cervical spine. We should try to maintain the correct sitting position during working hours. We can get up and walk around for an hour. If we do not have the perseverance to maintain the correct sitting position, we can choose an ergonomic chair that can protect the waist.

2. Napping on your stomach

Most companies have a mattress culture, that is, lying on the table directly or leaning back on an ergonomic chair during a nap. This posture can easily cause the curvature of the cervical spine to be opposite to the normal physiological curvature. Your muscles will also be stiff due to maintaining an abnormal posture for a long time, causing back pain. Therefore, it is recommended that you lie down and rest as much as possible when you take a nap. You can choose a chair that can take a nap. If there is no condition, you can put a U-shaped pillow and take a rest in a recline position.

3. The pillows are too high or too low

The function of the pillow is actually to protect the cervical spine, support the neck muscles, and let them relax and rest. Too high or too low the pillow can easily cause the pillow to fall. And many of our current pillows are high in the middle and low on both sides, which is unscientific. A suitable pillow is about one fist at the compressed height, and the neck is 3-5cm higher than the back of the head. The pillow must not be too soft and it must have sufficient support for the neck.

4. Go to work and play mobile phone

Most people use their mobile phones when taking the bus or subway. However, such an obscure little habit can cause a lot of pressure on the spine. According to research data from the American Doctor of Spinal Surgery, lowering the head by 15 °, the pressure on the neck is about 12kg, reaching 30 °, the pressure is about 18kg, and the pressure can reach 27kg at 60 °. The correct posture for playing the mobile phone is not to lower your head, and use your hand to bring the mobile phone to a level lower than the line of sight.

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